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We Fix Slippery Tile

Since 1987 SAFEGRIP USA™ has been manufacturing and distributing Anti Slip Tile Treatment Products throughout the US. We are the only retail seller and manufacturer for all SAFEGRIP USA™ products. SAFEGRIP USA™ is an Anti-slip application that will eliminate slippery tile floors when they become wet. When this clear liquid is applied, it creates a microscopic texture on the surface of the tile through an etching process. You can't see it or feel it when it is dry, but when wet; it becomes absolutely slip resistant. This safe and easy application will not harm the grout, tile or surrounding areas. SAFEGRIP USA™ is not a coating so it won't chip, peel or wear away. It actually micro etches the surface of the tile to create an invisible tread on the surface of the tile without changing the beauty and integrity of your tile. SAFEGRIP USA™ is a permanent treatment and guaranteed to last for years. SAFEGRIP USA™ anti-slip applications will make your tile floors ADA compliant. Independent test performed by the Tile Council of America showed an increase of nearly 100% in slip resistance when the tile was treated with our product. It works indoors or outdoors on ceramic, porcelain, travertine, granite, marble, quarry and unsealed concrete. SafeGrip USA™ does not work on wood, laminate, fiberglass, epoxy or acrylic surfaces .This is the same product used by professionals to make tile floors slip resistant. Use for: RESIDENTIAL: Kitchen, Hallway, Bathroom, Entry Way, Living Room etc. COMMERCIAL: Hallways, Restroom, Entry Ways, Reception Area etc. Pool Deck, Locker Room, Spa Commercial Kitchen Floor types: Porcelain, Ceramic, Marble, Traver tine, Quarry, Concrete

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From everyday stumbles to costly slip and fall accidents, slippery floors can be a real headache. If you're struggling to find a solution to slippery tile, count on SafeGrip USA™. Our one-of-a-kind formula increases traction and leaves your floors ADA- and OSHA-compliant. Ensure the safety of elderly relatives or prevent on-the-job injuries. From showers to commercial kitchens, SafeGrip is the perfect solution.

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